Google Cloud Platform Development Company

Being a trusted partner of Google Cloud, Shilsha Technologies is among the top Google Cloud development companies. Specializing in Application Development, Big Data, and Cloud Security, we offer customized solutions for seamless integration services. Our expertise extends to Google Cloud IoT, providing excellent solutions for the Internet of Things.

At Shilsha Technologies, we excel in harnessing the power of the Google Cloud Platform, ensuring scalability, reliability, and security. With an excellent portfolio, we bring innovation to the forefront, leveraging the full spectrum of Google Cloud services to increase your business's digital capabilities.

Our Google Cloud Platform Development Services

Welcome to our Google Cloud Platform Development Services, where innovation meets efficiency. As a premier Google Cloud Platform Development Services Company, we bring a suite of comprehensive solutions to optimize your digital infrastructure.

Google Cloud Deployment

We provide expert deployment services that ensure a seamless transition to the cloud.

Implementation and Migration

We manage implementation and migration with precision, optimizing your infrastructure for enhanced performance.

Database Management

Our expertise in Google Cloud Database Management ensures secure, scalable, and high-performance data storage.

API Management

With our API management solutions, you can improve connectivity and efficiency across your ecosystem.

App Development

With our Google Cloud App Development services, you can transform your ideas into intuitive and feature-rich applications.

Development Services

With our comprehensive Google Cloud Development Services, you can achieve your specific business objectives and needs.

Configured Google Cloud Solutions

We customize our solutions to meet the unique needs of your business, helping you maximize efficiency.

End-to-End Integration

Seamlessly integrate diverse components of your IT ecosystem with our end-to-end integration services, enhancing overall efficiency.

Google Cloud IoT

Explore the possibilities of the Internet of Things with our Google Cloud IoT services, driving innovation and connectivity.


With our AI/ML solutions, we help transform data into actionable insights using intelligent technologies.

Big Data

With our Google Cloud Big Data services, you can transform data into informed decision making and data-driven strategies.

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Strategic planning and implementation of disaster recovery solutions to ensure data integrity and business continuity.

Monitoring, Management, and Support

Keep your cloud environment optimized and secure with our continuous monitoring, proactive management, and reliable support.

Security and Risk Management

We provide robust security and risk management solutions to ensure compliance and resilience for your projects.


Expert consulting services for strategic guidance, ensuring optimal utilization of Google Cloud resources.

Maintenance and Support

Dedicated maintenance and support services for ongoing optimization, troubleshooting, and performance enhancement.

Leading Google Cloud services in India. Expert consulting for storage, databases, development, and comprehensive solutions

Innovative Technologies We Use

We are proud of our team of Google Cloud developers, who possess expertise in various Google Cloud technologies, including Cloud SQL, Cloud BigTable, and more. Our specialists in Google Cloud development have in-depth knowledge of the following core technologies:

Supported Environment
Generic Tools
Network & Security
Compute Engine Google Kubernetes Engine Ansible Anthos Config Cloud SQL
Shielded VMs GKE On-Prem Terraform Chronicle Detect Management Cloud Spanner
Container Security Istio on GKE (beta) Cloud template Stackdriver BigQuery
App Engine Kubernetes Puppet Cloud Armor Cloud Bigtable
Cloud Functions Cloud Filestore

Performance Management
Serverless Deployments
Queue Management
GCP load balancer (GCLB) Anthos Config Management, Stackdriver Cloud task queue Memorystore
Cloud Storage Buckets GCP Redis
GCP Messaging

Our Google Cloud Development Process

Welcome to Shilsha Technologies, your trusted partner for professional Google Cloud Platform (GCP) development services, providing optimal performance and innovation for your business websites and mobile apps.

Requirement Analysis

We begin by understanding your unique business requirements. Our experts conduct a thorough requirement analysis, collaborating closely with clients to identify objectives and user expectations. This crucial phase lays the foundation for a customized GCP solution.

Wireframing & Design

Creating visually appealing and intuitive user interfaces is crucial to our work. Our UX/UI specialists create detailed wireframes, ensuring a seamless user experience. The design phase encompasses responsiveness and aesthetics, guaranteeing a compelling visual presence for your website or app.

Programming & Development

Leveraging GCP's robust infrastructure, our skilled developers develop designs into reality. The programming and development phase is characterized by adherence to coding best practices, ensuring a powerful backend and feature-rich frontend for your digital assets.

Testing & Debugging

Rigorous testing is integral to our process. We conduct comprehensive tests, including unit testing and user acceptance testing, to identify and address potential issues. Our focus on quality assurance guarantees a bug-free, reliable end product.


Moving from development to production is seamless with us. Our experienced team ensures a smooth deployment on the Google Cloud Platform, minimizing downtime and facilitating the successful launch of your website or mobile app.

Support & Maintenance

Beyond deployment, our commitment continues with ongoing support and maintenance. We proactively monitor, address issues, implement updates, and provide continuous improvement to ensure your GCP-powered solutions operate at peak performance.

India's premier Google Cloud Development Services & Consulting Company, specializing in storage, databases, and development solutions.

Why Choose Shilsha Technologies For Google Cloud Development Services?

Are you looking for the best Google Cloud services? We're experts in creating, launching, and keeping mobile apps super fast with Google Cloud. We're also great at planning, setting up, and looking after business databases using Google Storage. From giving advice to moving stuff around, we offer all kinds of cloud help to businesses.

We make sure everything fits your needs, your budget, and gets done on time. So, if you want smooth and personalized Google Cloud services, pick Shilsha Technologies!

-> End-to-End Tech Consulting


Get easy-to-understand advice and solutions for all your tech needs. Our experts guide you through every step to make things simple and effective.

-> Google Cloud-Certified Professionals

Our team of certified experts knows Google Cloud inside out. They make sure you get the best out of it for your projects, keeping things straightforward.


-> Security Assurance


Your data's safety is our top priority. We use strong security measures to keep your information safe and sound.

-> Support & Maintenance

We're here all the time to help you out. Our support team works 24/7, making sure everything runs smoothly and fixing any issues ASAP.


-> Risk-Free Trial


Try our services without any worries. You can check things out first and be sure you're happy before making any commitments.

You can hire Google Cloud experts based on your needs

Get Google Cloud Experts from Shilsha Technologies! They use super-strong and scalable cloud stuff to give you the best Cloud Development services. Our experts know a lot about moving things to Google Cloud, managing them, and helping out. They want your business to do well in this competitive world.

Let Shilsha Technologies be your choice for a future-ready and great experience in Cloud Development.

Client Testimonials About Our Service

Lauren Sobin

Senior Manager

I strongly suggest this company. I decided to use their services, and I was really happy with what they did. They made a fantastic web design and provided all the right tools to make my website.

Nicholas Wong


I am happy with Shilsha Technologies! They made my app dreams come true. The app is fantastic and user-friendly. Their team is great to work with. I'm very satisfied with their service. Choose Shilsha Technologies for a wonderful app experience!

Bill Lauahojyls


Highly professional, I communicate with the team for their free consultant mobile app services. Exceptionally insightful, they guided me through every step, understanding my vision. Their expertise is remarkable. Grateful for their support and highly recommend them for their exceptional services.

Peter Kazickas

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

I am happy and extremely satisfied with the e-commerce app developed by this team. Their expertise shines through with a user-friendly interface, seamless product browsing, and efficient checkout. The app has significantly improved my online shopping experience, and I can confidently recommend their services to others.

Lauren Sobin


I'm delighted with Shilsha Technologies' work on my ecommerce website. They've built an attractive, user-friendly platform that's boosted my online sales. Their team's expertise and commitment to detail shine through. I couldn't be happier with the results, and I highly recommend their web development services.

Awards & Recognition

Our web and mobile app development company has garnered significant recognition in the industry, including accolades such as Trustpilot, Clutch, and GoodFirms. These esteemed awards affirm our commitment to excellence, innovation, and client satisfaction, further establishing us as a leading provider of exceptional web development services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Google Cloud Development uses Google's cloud infrastructure to build and enhance applications. It benefits your business by providing scalable, secure, and innovative solutions, improving efficiency and performance.

Google Cloud Development allows businesses to scale resources up or down based on demand, ensuring optimal performance, cost-effectiveness, and adaptability to growth.

Shilsha Technologies specializes in a range of Google Cloud services, including app development, data analytics, machine learning, and cloud migration, tailored to your business needs.

We implement robust security measures, including encryption and compliance with industry standards, ensuring the utmost protection for your data.

Yes, our experts provide end-to-end assistance in migrating your infrastructure to Google Cloud, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition.

We offer comprehensive 24/7 support and maintenance services, ensuring that your Google Cloud solutions run smoothly and efficiently over time.

Yes, our experts specialize in seamless integration, ensuring that your existing systems work harmoniously with the new Google Cloud solutions.

We begin with a detailed consultation to understand your business needs, followed by a thorough planning phase to ensure that our solutions align perfectly with your objectives.

Shilsha Technologies caters to a diverse range of industries, including but not limited to e-commerce, healthcare, finance, and technology, tailoring solutions to each industry's specific needs.